If anything truly symbolizes the American West, it’s a herd of mustangs roaming our nation’s most panoramic landscapes, each magnificent animal moving with the rhythmic, self-guided gait of genuine belonging.

But today, there are more wild horses held captive in government pens, their futures uncertain, than those that travel freely through our public lands.

Called to action after witnessing the mismanagement of lands, the inhumane treatment of horses and burros, and the profit-hungry heartlessness of kill buyers, Ellie has devoted herself to saving displaced horses for years.

In 2012, Ellie and Chris established Montgomery Creek Ranch, a 2,000-acre sanctuary for nearly 250 of these majestic animals. In the rolling, oak-studded hills on the edge of the rugged Mendocino National Forest, older mustangs and burros are ensured lifelong refuge, and younger horses are trained for adoption, ultimately allowing for more rescues.

To educate a wider audience about the plight of wild horses, Ellie cowrote and executive-produced the 2013 feature documentary, American Mustang, starring Daryl Hannah, Alison Eastwood, and Bravo and Echo—two equine residents of Montgomery Creek Ranch. 

"We say that training is the best life insurance for a horse."

— Ellie Phipps Price

To ensure the ongoing welfare of America’s treasured wild horses at the ranch, Ellie and Chris founded the charitable organization Montgomery Creek Preserve. Ellie also serves as president of the American Wild Horse Campaign and serves on the board of WildAid.

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