History & Stewardship

Our approach in the cellar is informed by a deep understanding of our distinctive sites. We speak the language of our vineyards fluently, putting to barrel full and telling profiles of these powerful places.

Durell Vineyard

The Durell name carries tremendous weight in the winemaking community. Named after Ed Durell, who purchased the property in 1977 and turned the would-be cattle ranch into a world-class vineyard in 1982. Here, three singular American Viticultural Areas—the Sonoma Valley, Sonoma Coast, and Carneros—converge to create a distinctive microclimate.

The vineyard yields some of the most sought-after fruit in Sonoma County. Notable wineries that source from Durell include Auteur, Tor, Patz & Hall, and Kistler. Our estate vines thrive under an idyllic mix of warm valley sun, cool coastal winds, and rich and rocky resident soils. A diverse array of clones produce Pinot Noir and Chardonnay fruit that is complex and structured. The resulting wines are noted for their power, grace, and nuance.

Awe-inspiring vineyards deserve attentive and ambitious guardians. We have dug in and worked hard toward our goal of translating these historic plots of land into an exceptional winemaking operation.

Star Mooring Farm

Settled in 1832 by aspiring trappers and planted to Pinot Noir in 2014, Star Mooring Farm has lured explorers and growers for generations. The name is a nod to the rich history of this particular bend in the Willamette River, where the nation’s first double-masted schooner—The Oregon Star—was built and launched, en route to San Francisco. Previously a black angus cattle ranch and then a hazelnut orchard, the hillside is now home to an 11-acre vineyard and the fruit is committed to wineries including Dunstan and Beaux Frères.

Set amid some of the most unspoiled terrain the Willamette Valley has to offer, it’s an unparalleled spot with unlimited winegrowing potential. Witzel soil—a top layer of shallow, well-draining earth derived from old lava flows—coats the hillside. It is tended by Mike D. Etzel and owned by Henry and Ruth Richmond. Henry’s grandfather and Ellie’s grandfather were cousins and shared a love for horses, long before the farm was cultivated. We are honored to pen a page of this site’s lasting story.