About us

Back To Our Roots

Our Journey

In 2008, Ellie and Chris launched Dunstan Wines to showcase the stunning fruit from the storied Durell Vineyard. The two married and settled in Sonoma where, between harvests, Ellie campaigns for endangered wildlife while Chris continues to build a digital platform that has changed the way wineries do business.

Since then, Dunstan has grown in stature but still remains small in production. Today, with the addition of Star Mooring Farm in the Willamette Valley, the Dunstan project is an expression of two distinct vineyards.

Good Luck in Every Bottle

When we found an old horseshoe while planting the Ranch House Block at Durell Vineyard in 2005, we remembered the legend of Dunstan, the patron saint of blacksmiths who tricked the devil into making a promise to stay away, rendering the horseshoe a lucky charm for the rest of time. The horseshoe we found is etched on the Dunstan label, hopefully bringing good fortune to our vineyards and everyone who works the vines, and enjoys the wine.


Giving Back

Ellie and Chris stand up for vulnerable species, open lands, and honest-to-earth sustainability. Their commitment to these values led to the creation of Montgomery Creek Ranch, a nonprofit horse sanctuary. They wear it on their sleeves through their support of organizations like the American Wild Horse Campaign and WildAid.